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  Hoa Tran       Thứ Năm, 5 tháng 12, 2019
Vietnam National Day is a time for me to say thank you to this country, which has suffered so much pain caused by the hands of foreigners. In it, the deepest wound came from the country on my passport.

I thank Vietnam for the willingness to welcome me and many others, for giving me the opportunity to contribute to my chosen career - an educator here. It is a job that I really like and feel worthy of bringing value to myself and others.

As the American poet Robert Frost (1874-1963), is also my distant relative:

"A crossroads in the middle of a deep forest,
And I - I have chosen the path of less footprints dusty.
All differences stem from that. "

I have allowed me to choose a path with less footprints, dusty: living and working in Vietnam instead of my American homeland. And indeed, all the differences with me also stem from that turn.

What caught my eye on my first trip to Vietnam in 1996 was the image of a constantly changing nation, which has just opened its door to the world after centuries of isolation and suffering. poverty. The main reason came from the US-led embargo and the aftermath of the two devastating wars, the war against the French and shortly thereafter the bloody footsteps of the American Empire. Everything I knew about Vietnam at the time mostly came from the history books and some Vietnamese students came to America in the "early days".

Although at the time, it was one of the poorest countries in the world with an average per capita income of just over $ 300 per year, I saw a hidden source of energy, nature and simplicity. Counting out the people and the country. I feel the ambition growing as well as a potential sleeping force here. Vietnam is the country that has overcome the worst that the two great powers have thrown at them and still keep their heads high, prepared, ready, eager to plunge into a bright future.

It was at the beginning of Doi Moi, 1986. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, since then and throughout the past twenty-three years - which I have had the honor of witnessing more than half of that time - Viet Nam was really reaching out from the ashes.

Since the first days of living here in 2005, I have also witnessed the events warmly in my heart and thereby strengthened my view as well as clearly defined in the dictionary about Patriotism has been exposed through the Vietnamese people themselves. I feel that they love and are willing to devote themselves to their country in addition to having fun with their achievements, big and small, even a football tournament. Or share the sadness of the death of General Vo Nguyen Giap in 2013.

Last year, Vietnam recorded GDP growth of more than 7%, the second highest in Southeast Asia and the ninth globally. Although not everyone will benefit from this export-led growth and largely by this FDI enterprise, it is certainly supporting the nation's economic boat.

And for many other reasons, Vietnam has become a land of opportunities for millions of people, of course, including foreigners who are willing to take risks, adapt, and create a team to do business. multicultural, multi-racial work.

Unlike many foreigners who claim that I know more about myself, immersed in my cultural confidence that is subtly complex (or nationalist), I'm not. likes to give out excess advice when here for one thing: after all, Vietnam belongs to the people of Vietnam. Even those who have been here for a long time, or even have been and will be here for a lifetime, foreigners or former patriots, all are just guests.

Among us foreigners, people who act and think like global citizens, often sharing their experiences and knowledge not because we think our "way" is better but because we really care about this country. With you, we all breathe the same atmosphere, eat the same food, walk the same pace on the roads and drive in one stream. And that we know very well that Vietnam could be a lot better than it is now.

Today's National Day is the best time for every Vietnamese person to look back on what he or she has gone through, and also to consider what each and every person can do to make life better. For example, change perceptions, lifestyles, act for the environment, enhance urban civilization on the street, improve business ethics and other key areas at their fingertips.

"Patriotism places the nation above its present position," I say, saying that Adlai Stevenson II, a US presidential candidate and US ambassador to the United Nations, talks about patriots. Very suitable for Vietnamese people.

In addition to celebrating common achievements in growth, improving the quality of life, science and arts and sports, patriots can also make positive constructive remarks for the nation. righteousness. Because they want that nation to be better.

Mark A. Ashwill

Thanks for reading Patriotism

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